Welcome to Cheers


Cheers.House app – the relationship manager for your favorite places.

Our aim is to make your experience more rewarding at our partner locations.  We are a club for regulars that grants you access to  communication, engagement and loyalty opportunities through your smart phone connected to an account at your favorite place to eat or drink.

Explore some of our features by clicking on the four card symbols below, or register and try it out at qr.cheers.house. We look forward to having you join our family!


How it works

Download our app, or login with a mobile browser at qr.cheers.house, register and confirm your email and you are good to go.  When you are visiting your favorite place you need to check-in to be able to collect and redeem points.


Share & Chat

Someone you know needs a beer and company? Share with friends rewards and points and get rewarded for referrals.  Cheers Chat lets you connect with your friends on location or set up a message board for insider info.


Action & Play

Need to know what is going on?  Promotions and events show up here.  Make reservations with a few clicks and keep events in your calendar.  How well do you know your favorite hangout?  Try a pub quiz and see how you score.


Points & Privileges

Three ways to earn:  Visits, Consumption and Referrals

Visits bring status, and status brings privileges!  Dibs on the window seat? Cocktail with your name on it? Last round extension?  See what unique rights you have earned under “status”.

When you pay your check via “payment request”, points will be credited to your account based on what you spent.  You also receive bonuses for referring friends (depending on partner program), so go ahead and network!